Due to the popularity and demand of our online courses, we are experiencing a high volume of new students and now have a minimum 2-month waiting list before enrolments can start. You can still enrol on to our courses and we will treat it as a “first come, first served” basis. We apologise for any inconveniences this may cause and if you have any questions, please contact us anytime.

Here at bslcourses we offer
online British Sign Language training and qualifications

Learn British Sign Language online from home, work and in your own time

From home or work,
and in your own time, you can:

   Learn BSL through our online Centre

   Complete 1-to-1 webcam tutorials

   Complete your BSL exams, achieve
qualifications from Levels 1 to 6

   Save money; no travelling to
Centres or venues

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BSL Video Classes

On your Student account, you have instant access
to class material - view your video classes at any
time you wish and at no limit.


BSL (British Sign Language) Video Classes
Webcam Tutorials

Webcam Tutorials

Gain valuable feedback fro your 1-to-1
webcam tutorials with your tutor. These are
completed on Skype, recorded and stored on
your Student account.

Webcam Tutorials
Student Accounts have a Calendar and Messages

Student Account

Calendar and Messages


Here, you can access your BSL video classes,
book your 1-to-1 webcam tutorials with you
tutor from the Calendar, view your course
overview and progress and contact your tutor
anytime with Messages. You can also have sneak
previews on the other courses we offer.

Student Accounts have a Calendar and Messages


All exams, or evidence collections, are achieved
via webcam with your tutor.
No need to attend a venue or a Centre.


Take your exam online
Receive a BSL Certificate of Completion


When you complete a BSL Training course, at any
Level, you will receive a bslcourses.co.uk
Certificate of Completion.

Otherwise, when you complete a formal
qualification in BSL, you will receive a
nationally-accredited certificate from the chosen
awarding body (iBSL or Signature).

Receive a BSL Certificate of Completion

Here is what the Awarding bodies say about us

"Many more people will be able to start their BSL learning journey
thanks to BSLcourses' entrepreneurial idea of hosting online teaching
for accredited BSL courses and in turn spread improvements in
communicating with deaf people far and wide"
Jim Edwards, Signature CEO

"BSLcourses.co.uk are to be congratulated with their initiative in setting
up online accredited courses and iBSL is proud to be an
awarding organisation associated with this development"
Peter Jackson, iBSL CEO


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