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Level 1 BSL Training

  • One-off payment
  • Monthly instalments
    £118.12 for 2 months (inc 5% fee)

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Level 1 BSL Training Course Overview

For those who wish to learn British Sign Language at a basic level to communicate with Deaf/Hard of Hearing people involving skills, knowledge and language in moderately basic situations (e.g., fingerspelling, directions, asking/answering basic questions, number, etc). This course can be as a part of a BSL Training package and would allow the student to progress to Level 2 BSL Training, without any need to do assessments, or just simply for those who wishes to learn BSL for fun.

Course requirements

No prior BSL skills or knowledge required to enrol this course.

Course content

Covering a range of BSL grammar, principles and elements that would be required to complete the Level 1 Award for either iBSL or Signature. This is a BSL training/language development course so there are no assessments.

Number of tutorials

8 x 10-minute tutorials

A Certificate of Completion are awarded to those who complete the course with the head-tutor's and Centre's approval of the student's skills at Level 1 standard.

Course duration

This course lasts 9 weeks

Number of weeks advertised is the minimum duration. Maximum duration (course 'deadline') is 60 weeks. Extension charges are applicable should the student wish to continue after 60 weeks. Please see terms for more information.

Pricing (includes VAT and assessment fees, where applicable)

  • One-off payment
  • Monthly instalments
    £118.12 for 2 months (inc 5% fee)

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